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Lotus Elise | ABS-ESP Pump & ECU repair

Elise Years: 1997 - 2010 - ABS Pump Module and ECU repair

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Possible errors:

  1. ABS light flashes intermittent or stays on permament
  2. Error code: C0121 valve relay circuit malfunction
  3. Supply voltage fault
  4. Inlet / outlet valves fault
  5. Pump motor fault
Other errors on request

ABS Pump Module and ECU repair

  • How it works:

    1. Please contact us prior to purchase if you need any technical information.
    2. Please send your faulty part to us, well packed and secured.
      If you wish your faulty part to be collected by our courier, please contact us.
    3. Make sure you have included your contact information:
      full name, return address and contact number.
      Please use our repair order form.
    4. All units delivered to us before 10 a clock will be repaired and dispatched same day.
    Please note: Your unit does not need to be programmed after repair!!!

    The offer is valid only for unopened devices.


    Repair order form download

    155,00 £ excl. 20% Vat & Shipping costs COD
    For further questions: 01884 798090 or 07706 445537


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